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about us

Founded by Allister Godfrey in 2005, Allister Godfrey Architects has built a reputation for the design of award winning homes throughout England.

Good client relationships are central to both the philosophy and success of the practice. We wholeheartedly believe that design is a reciprocal process between client and architect, so we listen carefully to our clients to help shape and create the spaces they would like to live in. Much of our work is gained by word of mouth and the patronage of a number of valued clients.

We have intentionally remained small in order to concentrate on what we do best; transforming ideas and aspirations into delightful buildings. We take a holistic approach to each project and, with sustainability in mind, consider all aspects of the site, brief and budget to create dwellings that exceed expectations.

We love what we do; whether it is a modest living extension to an urban or country home or a sensitive and exciting re-working of a listed building. Contemporary family homes or multiple unit developments are approached with the same care and commitment, regardless of size.

All projects will have a requirement for external consultants whether it is for structural advice, planning legislation clarification or sustainability input. We regularly work with a number of trusted professionals to provide further expert help and advice on your project.