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Pike’s Cottage

extension to Listed thatched cottage | Childrey, Oxfordshire

The brief was simple – to renovate and extend a tired grade II Listed, thatched cottage.  The roof was very much in danger of complete collapse prior to work starting; we had broken rafters, buckets under leaks and daylight showing through the roof!

The existing cottage was very small, built into a steep bank and a mature Chesnut in close proximity to the extension; quite a challenging site.  A traditional pitched roof extension would have looked very incongruous against the cottage due to its comparatively low height.  This constraint led us towards designing a flat-roofed extension which was separated visually from the existing cottage by a glazed link structure.  This approach retained the character and setting of the listed building, along with an extension that avoids pastiche.

The positive and encouraging support from the Conservation Officer helped shape the project; not only has the cottage been saved from dereliction, but a comfortable well-planned home, with eco-credentials, has been created.

Floor Area
305square metres
Build Cost
11.14project completed